MIAMI 2012

I’m sure I am going to miss so many of the details that MADE the trip but here goes….

Last weekend Aaron & I joined 11 friends for an unforgettable weekend (Wed. night to Monday afternoon) in Miami! Friends from CA, IA, IN, IL, and CO came together-many of us fiends since high school or before. As we are all about to hit the big 3-0 (Lori did while we were there) we thought what better reason to get together and celebrate. We rented a home in North Miami and squeezed as much as we could into the trip while also taking time to relax and catch up.

Heading into the trip I wasn’t sure how sharing a home would go BUT everything and everyone was great and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

After a LATE first night (5am I think) of lots of champagne and pool with cue with no tips (corks work amazingly well we eventually found) we did some exploring on the first full-day, grocery shopping and beach time. Aaron & I ate lunch with 12 of Miami Dades finest (NO-not IN jail)-of course I took a pictures of the cops!

Friday was our day trip to¬† Islamorada Key for kayaking through mangroves! The weather was PERFECT and the drive there was beautiful. The A-team (us and Anthony) had some good times on our car rides) enjoyed the drive! Aaron & I kayaked well together (we canoed once and tipped over and also tipped over jet-skiing not too long ago…) We did see a plane crash sort-of in the Everglades. Emergency personnel was gathering as we drove by and saw a plane off in the distance and a person walking toward the fence that keep wildlife off the roadway. Hopefully he was OK! We also hand-fed some big-ass fish and enjoyed cocktails and lunch at a cute waterfront cafe. Our first dinner attempt out as a party of 13 went ok-I just needed to remember that we were on island time….fried key-lime pie made everything better!

Headed to Little Havanna (8th St) on Saturday for some cigars and champagne after a nice lunch. Took us some time but we found a cigar shop (there were many) that rolled their own. We got lucky as one lady was rolling (had an order for 10,000 and the company wanted her to do all of them-can do 100/day). Lori’s 30th was also Saturday and we had reservations for a nice group dinner. We ended up at the restaurant for a LONG time (the staff didn’t want to rush us…?!) so didn’t make it anywhere else (tried to go to a salsa dance club) but then hung out back at the house playing some old-school drinking games til the wee-hours.

Some of the group had to leave Sunday :( but the rest of us went to Key Biscayne for a more relaxed beach than South Beach and enjoyed lunch with iquanas (OK-1 igauana that stayed behind a fence). After officer friendly told us to ditch the bottles we had (not on the beach mind you) we had a nice lunch and ocean time. Aaron & I had reservations at Scarpetta at Fountainebleau but ended up (for the better) having dinner at Vita there instead with all 8 of us still around. Top 3 steaks of Aaron’s life and I don’t think anyone was disappointed with what they got! Mmmmmmmmmm

Monday was the end of the trip so Aaron & I cleaned house with what was left in the fridge…luckily that included steak and potatoes! Once he realized that he had to turn the propane ON we were in business….we made our own trek to South Beach and watched a few drunkards stumble around before putting our feet (and only feet…really windy that day) in the ocean one last time til next time. We also checked out the new Marlins stadium (pretty cool) as we have started going to baseball stadiums when in another city (will start going to games when possible).

Should start planning the next trip ASAP!!

Martini Sippers to End MS

JOIN MY TEAM!!! This will be the first Martini Sippers to End MS event in Colorado!!! If you are unable to join us, please consider donating your time, resources, or general good vibes :) Thanks!

Here We Go…

I’m new to the Blog World so bear with me! I decided that having a blog would be a good way to keep everyone (who cares to know) up-to-speed on the happenings of Aaron & I. Facebook is great but this will allow for more detail and I think a cooler format for sharing pictures and painting a better picture. Happy Reading :)

Alive at Red Rocks

My favorite photo of us together so far, until that warm fall day in Colorado on the 7th of November.

Our first photo together.

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